•  CCaLC2 released 
    New second-generation CCaLC2 for Windows released and available for free now.
    Click here to download
  •  CCaLC for Android 
    CCaLC LITE for Android, a simplified version of the CCaLC carbon footprinting tool, has been released - Click here for details and to download
  •  Update 
    New version of CCaLC tools released for the PVC and bio-based sectors.
    Click here to download
  •  Award winning CCaLC 
    CCaLC wins the GSK Innovation Award - Read more
  •  Award winning CCaLC 
    CCaLC wins a Chemistry Innovation Award - Read more
  •  Award winning CCaLC 
    CCaLC wins IChemE top prize for 'Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering' - Read more


Here you can download the CCaLC2 for Windows carbon footprinting tool but prior to that please check the following system requirements:

System requirements
The CCaLC2 for Windows carbon footprinting tool is a Windows based application. It has been designed and tested using the English language versions of Windows XP and Windows 7. It may not run properly on non-English operating systems as well as on older or newer versions of Windows. CCaLC is designed for use on PCs and is not suitable for use on Mac computers.

For users of the previous versions (CCaLC V1 to V3.3)
Studies created in the previous versions of CCaLC are fully compatible with CCaLC2 for Windows and can be exported from CCaLC using the "Share data" menu item and then imported via the "Import data" menu item in the CCaLC2 for Windows menu bar. Consult the user manual for detailed instructions.

Download Form:
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Terms and conditions:  
The CCaLC2 for Windows carbon footprinting tool is available free of charge only for non-profit making applications. These include research activities and the use of the tool by commercial organisations to assess their operations and supply chains but excludes the use by consulting and other organisations purely for the purposes of revenue generation (e.g. through consulting services). By ticking this box you confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions.
CCaLC2_setup.exe [3,663 KB]

CCaLC2 for Windows is a carbon fooprinting tool that enables quick and easy estimations of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions along the whole supply chains.